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Doll Giveaways at 1: PM in all time zones! 
Covid-19 alert: For the first time in our 14 year history, The Black Doll Giveaways in the USA have gone virtual. In addition, some of our dolls will be delivered via contactless drop at our friends & family's doorsteps and mailboxes. Below is the list where hue can log on for a chance to win a doll! To our Dolls that will have to sit this one out this year, we're praying for you and you'll be in our thoughts and prayers.
Instagram Pictorial Expose:
The following doll giveaways and empowering conversations are open to the Public: 
2020 Face of the Doll Sleigh: Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds
Tis the season to ‘Be a Doll, give a doll.’ Celebrating ten years of partnership between Barbie and The Black Dolls, The Black Doll Affair’s ‘Pretty...Philanthropic’ 14th Annual USA Barbie Giveaway is 12.5.20! This year’s ‘Face of the Giveaway Sleigh’ is Honorary Black Doll, Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds. A Copywriter at Mattel, she’s responsible for the verbiage on your favorite Barbie box!
For a contactless Christmas delivery, self-esteem conversations and Barbie giveaway parties are happening online. Give your child a Fashionista Barbie and an empowering boost of self-worth. At 1:00 PM in your time zone, log on and join in around the country via the hashtag: #barbiesblackdollaffair. Elle, is in Barbie's world on the west coast, so at 1:00 PM PST, she's going Live on Facebook to give away Black Barbie dolls! Join her giveaway in The Black Doll Affair Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/blackdollaffair.

Please note, Barbie dolls are complimentary. And straight from Santa's Workshop, we're including a free toy for a girl or a boy. A $7 shipping and handling fee will be charged. Shipping must be paid by those who receive our gift within 24 hours or the gift is forfeited. Shipping fee is payable by clicking on the shipping link on the homepage at blackdollaffair.com
Maryland Ambassadoll, Apryl L.
Facebook Live Mailbox Drop: (https://www.facebook.com/Apryl.May.June.July)
Self-Esteem Subject: "I am hosting a mailbox delivery LIVE on Facebook. As I deliver dolls, I will discuss loving yourself and recognizing your individual beauty."
Pennsylvania Ambassadoll, Lataraini C.
Facebook Live. (https://www.facebook.com/lataraini.carterbusch):
Self-esteem subject: Brown girl, Brown girl, who do you see?" 
Pennsylvania Ambassadoll, Ramona H.
Facebook Live & Doll Drop: https://www.facebook.com/ramona.holliemajor
Self-esteem Subject: "I will go live to discuss, being YOU-nique."
Alabama Ambassadoll, Eva A. 
Private Invitation Only Zoom Party. Self-esteem Conversation: "Baby dolls will join me for a conversation of individuality, where I will teach them to 'Just Be You!' RSVPs Closed.
Michigan Ambassadoll, Melissa S.
Self-Esteem Subject:  "My guests will join me for a talk about being yourself and my journey to loving the skin I'm in." Invitation Only Private Zoom Room. RSVPs closed. 
Texas Ambassadoll, Gina D.
Self-esteem subject: "My guests will join me for a chat about embracing, loving and sharing the b'huety that is YOU." Invitation Only Private Zoom Room. RSVPs closed. 
Kansas Ambassadoll, Nikol S.
Self-esteem subject: "Live YOUR dream, you can BE anything!" - Invitation Only Private Zoom Room. RSVPs closed.
Texas Ambassadoll Shelley T.
Self-esteem subject: "In their pajamas, my lil guests will enjoy a tea party and a reading of the empowering book, "I'm a Pretty Princess", by Crystal Swain-Bates.' Invitation Only Private Zoom Room. RSVPs closed.
Wisconsin Ambassadoll Lyah H. 
Self-esteem subject: "My guests will join me for a discussion about Pursuing your dreams." Invitation Only Private Zoom Room. RSVPs closed. 
Texas Ambassadoll Reggie T.
Self-esteem subject: "My guests will join me by invitation only, private Zoom room, for a conversation about how I learned to love myself and how they can too!"
California Ambassadoll Stephen S. :
Instagram Live: @stephensumner1969. Self-esteem subject: "My guests will join me for an empowering conversation about how I became a doll designer for Mattel (Barbie) and Hasbro! 
Urian's Unboxings @dudewithblackdolls
Instagram Live: @dudewithblackdolls Join our Unboxing King, Urian Ross, aka: the African American Ken doll, for an unboxing and Fashionista Barbie Giveaways! 
Florida AmBossadoll Karen G: Mailbox Doll Delivery  
Arizona Ambassadoll Chekena C.: Mailbox Doll Delivery
Georgia Ambassadoll Denise M: Mailbox Doll Delivery
Illinois Ambassadoll Kathryn S.: Mailbox Doll Delivery
Oklahoma Ambassadoll Tiesha F. Mailbox Doll Delivery. 
California Ambassadoll Shayla W. Mailbox Doll Delivery
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and via these official accounts: 
Black Doll Affair Facebook page: @: https://www.facebook.com/blackdollaffair
Black Doll Affair Instagram: @blackdollaffair 
Black Doll Affair Pretty...Philanthropic Instagram: @prettyphilanthropic
Black Doll Affair Christmas Ambassadolls Instagram: 
Black Doll Affair: Be a Doll, give a doll Instagram: @beadollgiveadoll 
Black Doll Affair on Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/theblackdollaffair/ 
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