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During Women’s History Month, Founder of The Black Doll Affair Makes a BOSS Move! 

Who says 13 isn’t lucky? Not Dan Marino’s former Marketing Director turned Founder of The Black Doll Affair (BDA) self-esteem movement and volunteer social club, “Dana Mama Doll Hill”. Months away from 13 years of empowering black women and girls, she’s designed a path to entrepreneurial success for her members, The Black Dolls.

The Black Doll Affair announces the launch of the Boss Doll Licensing & Sales Permit Department - an entrepreneurial venture to empower women to run their own business and benefit from the sweat equity of a brand that has garnered support from Macy’s, Mattel’s Barbie brand and stars like Cheryl Brown and her sister, the late Linda Brown (Brown Vs. Board of Education), actress Gabrielle Union and Ballerina Misty Copeland. From a humble Atlanta kickoff in 2007, The Black Dolls have grown across the country on its mission to change the way black women and girls are perceived, but more importantly, perceive themselves. Mama Doll’s daily mission has been to reverse Doll Tests results where black children identified the black doll as bad and the white doll as good, counteract negative stereotypes perpetuated about toy black dolls, change black women’s undolling behavior into one that reflects compassionate sisterhood, kindness for all races, community philanthropy and rebuilding love for the Doll in the mirror. That’s the reason she chose a black heart as the icon in BDA’s logo. 

In reflection, Hill says, “We accomplished the initial goals, such as becoming the largest consumer group of Mattel’s Black Barbie and making black dolls a hot commodity. We also accomplished goals we didn’t set, like having Civil Rights Activist, John Lewis issue a Congressional Recognition to The Black Dolls and Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue proclaim December 12th ‘The Black Doll Affair Day’ in Atlanta. Receiving President Barack Obama's ‘Volunteer Service Award’ was not a goal, but is certainly an admirable achievement. Heck, BDA is even mentioned in college level textbooks, was featured in Oprah, Essence, Vanity Fair, and Vogue magazine. In partnership with ABC Prime Time, Time, INC. and People Magazine, The Black Dolls crossed the pond when they were featured in "The Story of the Royals", the prime time live documentary on Harry & Meghan’s wedding." But, none of this would be possible without the real stars, my members, The Black Dolls! She added, “I wanted to give my Dolls what they gave me: A successful business model. So through our new Boss Doll Dept, as ambassadors of BDA, I am empowering my members to become “AmBOSSadolls”.

The AmBOSSadolls venture is entrepreneurial, where they become their own boss, while building their own empire through the BDA brand. “I am proud to include my Dolls and help enrich their dreams”, she concluded.

Before one can be a Boss Doll, they must first become a Black Doll. To become a Black Doll there are NO membership fees, just buy a Black Doll T-shirt at: blackdollaffair.com. Once you become a Black Doll. Text the Doll Phone for an interview with Mama Doll: (404) 660-7363.

To commemorate March, the month designated to honor women internationally, to celebrate the 61st Birthday of Barbie and the 40th Anniversary of Mattel adding the term “Black” to Barbie’s title, in February, Black History Month, Mama Doll announced the first round picks of AmBOSSadolls! 

On promotional tour of AmBOSSadolls, Mama Doll is available for interviews. Contact A Better Concept PR: 954-566-2712 or pr@abetterconcept.com http://blackdollaffair.com | @blackdollaffair

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