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Experiences: Black Doll Affair Bucket List Affairs

Experiences: Vogue Magazine
The Black Doll Affair is looking for MoDolls - members wanting to represent The Black Doll Affair in a regional ad for Vogue Atlanta. Read more below...
On March 9th, Barbie, the most fashionable doll ever, turned 60 years glamorous! December 2017, Mama Doll started the engines of The Black Doll Affair self-esteem movement. July 2008, Italian Vogue put out 4 issues featuring top black models on its covers and all things fashionable and black in the pages of the magazine. The original run of the July issue sold out in the U.S. and U. K. in 72 hours. Vogue, "The Black Issue, became, "The Most Wanted Issue Ever!" In Juy 09, for Barbie's 50th anniversary, Vogue published "The Black Barbie Issue, a special edition. March is Women's History Month! This month finds The Black Dolls coming off of cloud nine - the Atlanta regional subscription pages of Oprah, the O Magazine and another select group of Dolls are on their way to the national pages of Essence Magazine in July. To boot, in partnership with Mattel, The Black Doll Affair produced "Yo Barbie Style" Atlanta's fashion show and birthday party for Barbie! To really amp this month with #girlpower and #blackdollmagic, Mama Doll is celebrating with this simple and STRIKING announcement: "Dolls, strike a pose let's Vogue! Qualifications: Must be a member of The Black Doll Affair. How does one become a Doll? "No membership fee, just buy a Doll T-shirts at | Email Your request to be involved at: Photo Shoot Atlanta, GA. Location to be disclosed to chosen participants.
Entrance Fee: $399.00 - Payable upon confirmation that you were chosen to represent our family. If chosen, upon acceptance, $199.50 is due. Your balance of $199.50 is due no later than April 22, 2019.
Email Your request to be involved at:
What are Black Doll Affair Ticketed Experiences?
As seen on ABC Primetime Live, The Story of The Royals, these ticketed Affairs give our members a bucket list "Experience" they won't soon forget.  Such as this one seen around the world....
After the Dolls were included in the Primetime Live Special, their fate was sealed when People and ABC News included The Dolls in the worldwide released DVD. Available for purchase wherever DVDs are sold online.
What are Black Doll Affair Advertising Experiences?
As Seen In Oprah Magazine March 9, 2019
So that black women and girls can see themselves in a fabulous way, Mama Doll came up with BDA bucket list "Advertising Experiences". In partnership with Mama Doll and her sponsors, members wanting to see themselves in major glossy magazines, pay an entry fee that reserves their spot as a moDoll - better known as a model. 

BDA Advertising Experience: Essence Magazine
The Black Dolls in Essence Magazine July 2019
Available on national newsstands everywhere! 
EXPERIENCE #2: The Black Dolls in O, the Oprah Magazine
Available in Atlanta Subscription Issue March 2019 - PAGE 87. As seen in Oprah.
Living their BEST lives, The Black Dolls appeared in O, the Oprah Magazine (Issue: March 2019): A diverse bevy of bhueties were selected by Mama Doll to appear in a pictorial to celebrate 11 years of The Black Doll Affair and 60 years of Barbie!  Happy birthday, Barbie! Congrats, Dolls!  #dollingexperiences 
BDA Experiences: ABC's "The Story of the Royals" -
Featuring The Black Dolls Royal Watch Party Watch the full story with the Black Dolls here: Video
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