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Black Doll Affair Magazine MoDoll Experiences Covid-19 Notice:
Due to the pandemic, our teams are not gathering and therefore, our magazine experiences are rolling out slower than planned.  If you've registered for Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and or People magazine, or, if you shot for NY Vogue and the final Black Dress Vogue Affair, expect delays until further notice and stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, if you have interest in becoming a Black Doll Affair Modoll,
text the Doll Phone at: (404) 440-7363.
Open to members of The Black Doll Affair, Black Doll Affair Experiences are paid, once in a lifetime events. Each Experience is designed for the Dolling purchaser to live their best life, on purpose! From enjoying private Affairs like our "Meghan & Harry Royal Wedding Watch Party (see below), as filmed by ABC, Time and People Magazine, to our local and national Magazine Experiences and more! Where dreams come true and Experiences are jaw-dropping, this is the bucket list department of The Black Doll Affair! 

With a desire to give her Black Dolls, (operative phrase is "Black Dolls" - you must be a member to participate) the kinds of Experiences they wouldn't normally have, Mama Doll, Founder of The Black Doll Affair, is partnering with her members to become MoDolls (models) in iconic local and national magazines such as: Essence, Vogue, Oprah and Vanity Fair! Learn more below. To become a Black Doll, there are NO Membership fees, just buy your Black Doll Tee. HERE

To "change the way black girls are perceived, and, more importantly, perceive themselves", {TBDA Mission} The Black Dolls MUST have a seat at the table. So that they can live up to their slogan "The Black Dolls Have MORE Fun" and to ensure that black women and girls can see themselves in places they've often been overlooked, Mama Doll created The Black Doll Affair  "EXPERIENCES" program - the bucket list department of the self-esteem movement. It is Mama Doll's intention to elevate black women and girls with EXPERIENCES once reserved for the rich, famous and privileged. To LIVE in a way that trumps a boring existence and dismisses mediocrity, this is where the unremarkable, ho-hum of life falls into the abyss. She set out to change the Experience for her members. However, born to show others how to market people and products, Mama Doll understands that her business model (Modoll) for advertising, will be copied by other small businesses. Once again, Mama Doll has changed the game! Just another way she's been able to give back. 
Once you become a Doll, email: dollingexperiences@gmail.com to register as a Black Doll Affair Modoll! To include your bhuetiful likeness in one of our Magazine ads, FIRST BECOME A BLACK DOLL. THEN, email your name and cell phone number to: dollingexperiences@gmail.com. In your email, ask to be put on our Modolls (models) list. Before we alert the national family, we'll text you first with our next modolling opportunity!
July / August 2020 in Sheen Magazine! 
the black dolls in sheen magazine, black doll affair experiences, modolls
The Black Dolls Essence Magazine Experience:
Collectibles 3 cover Summer Issue Available on national newsstands
JUNE - August 2019  - As seen on page 169.

The Black Doll's Oprah Magazine Experience. As seen on page  
The Black Dolls Oprah Magazine EXPERIENCE: 
Living their best lives and celebrating eleven years of The Black Doll Affair and 60 years of Barbie, Mama Doll selected a diverse bevy of Black Dolls to appear in the March 2019 Atlanta Subscription issue of O Magazine! 

Calendar of Magazine Experiences

Now Selling: Harpar's Bazaar!
Sophisticates Black Hair! 
Email: dollingexperiences@gmail.com to become a BDA Modoll!

Next Magazine Experience: Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair (Atlanta) "Style Issue" September 2019 
September 2019 ISSUE
Vanity Fair Magazine EXPERIENCE:
The Black Dolls will appeared between pages 114 and 116 in the September "Style" Issue of VF Magazine. Available in Atlanta subscription issue.
In July 2008, Italian Vogue put out 4 issues featuring top black models on its covers, highlighting all things fashionable and black in the pages of the magazine. The original run of the July issue sold out in the U.S. and U. K. in 72 hours. Vogue, "The Black Issue", became, "The Most Wanted Issue Ever!" In July 2009, for Barbie's 50th anniversary, Vogue published "The Black Barbie Issue", a special edition. March is Women's History Month! March 2019, found The Black Dolls coming off of cloud nine - the Atlanta regional subscription pages of Oprah, the O Magazine and another select group of Dolls are on their way to the national pages of Essence Magazine in July 2019.  Mama Doll celebrated with a simple and STRIKING announcement: "Dolls, strike a pose! Let's Vogue!" 
Photo Above: Vogue  NY Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot #1 June 22, 2019
PHOTO SHOOT #2: July 20, 2019 
Photo Shoot 4: Vogue South Florida November 2, 2019
BDA Experiences: ABC's "The Story of the Royals" -
Featuring The Black Dolls Royal Watch Party Watch the full story with the Black Dolls here: Video
As seen on ABC Primetime Live, The Story of The Royals, these ticketed Affairs give our members a bucket list "Experience" they won't soon forget.  Such as this one seen around the world....
After the Dolls were included in the Primetime Live Special, their fate was sealed when People and ABC News included The Dolls in the worldwide released DVD. Available for purchase wherever DVDs are sold online.
Black Doll Affair Travel EXPERIENCE:
April 29 - May 6, 2019 #CaboDolling

Must be a Black Doll. How does one become a Doll? "No membership fee, just buy a Doll T-shirt. Click HERE. The Black Doll Affair Reserves the right to change the magazine for which your photo will appear. Requirements are based on each BDA Experience. Restrictions and purchases apply.  


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