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What's Happening in The Black Doll Affair Dollhouse?

Featured Black Doll Affairs

Next Lunch & Learn 2.10.18 

Black History Month Theme Lunch & Learn

Black (Doll) Card Revoked

Riddle me this: "When granny told you to "wrench it off" what do you need to complete the task? 
1. Strawberry Kool-aid
2. Water
3. A wrench
4. Hot Sauce

If you answered water, you get to keep your Black (Doll) card! If not, we gon' need your Black Doll card back! Speaking of black history month and being black ... let's start from the beginning... In Atlanta? Join us for a luncheon hosted by Mama Doll, Founder of The Black Doll Affair.This luncheon is the perfect way to join BDA. Lunch, learn become a Doll! Dolls RSVP in the Dollhouse here. Fans RSVP on Facebook here


May, 19,2018 

When Harry Met Meghan Royal Wedding Watch Party



Meet Me, Mahogany!

The Black Doll Affair Cruise to Mahogany Bay!

It's our first ever family cruise. Grab your family and join us. Lock in your rate, begin making deposits and book your trip today. Contact Black Doll Affair Travel Agent Linda J. of Super Travel Palm Beaches, Inc. at: (866) 878-8785 or email her at:


Cruise and Trip to Africa is organized by Linda J of SuperTravel, INC.


When will Mama Doll bring the movement to your town?
Pictured: Mama Doll; Founder of The Black Doll Affair

Next Stop: Harlem Renaissance with ShalomIsrael Diggs

New York, NY. January 26-28th

Dolls RSVP in the dollhouse, Fans RSVP on Facebook 

Keep checking back here to see where she's going next!  

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