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Because we buy from various designers and manufacturing houses, sizes may vary. More, because every "body" is different, we cannot offer a fit guarantee and therefore, the below sizing statements are provided to give an idea of what to expect.

Black Doll Affair Fashion Fit Gear:
Indicates the item runs smaller - typically, a size smaller than the the American sizing charts. BDA "Fashion Fit" gear is highly fashionable [more than your basic T-shirt] sleek and form fitting. When ordering gear marked "Fashion Fit", we recommend that Dolls go up a size to get to the fit they seek. In other words, if you usually wear a small, hue might consider ordering a medium.

BDA Classic Fit Gear:
Typically, true to the American Sizing Chart, BDA "Classic Fit" gear is casual, comfortable, and usually a basic T-shirts or hoody. "Classic True Fit" gear means that you're typically getting the size you want & wear and fits much like your favorite cotton Hanes T-shirt from back in the day!