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Pre-Order Gear is Black Doll gear on its way to the dollhouse. Typically, Pre-orders arrive to your dollhouse within 30 days of being presented to the Dolls. The date of arrival of gear is always stated in each items shipping "Availability." Check your items availability for the estimated date of delivery - if it is a Pre-Order it will state that. Store Credits cannot be used towards Pre-Orders. Store credits are only valid towards IN-STOCK gear. A pre-order is an order placed for Black Doll Gear on it's way to the store. Why purchase a Pre-Order item; why not wait until it's in stock in the BDA store? Because pre-orders are hot trends, often, by the time the shipment arrives to the dollhouse and you start to see Dolls wearing their pre-ordered gear, it's too late to get in on the trend. More than likely the trend has sold out in the store or the color or size you want is gone, or The Black Doll Affair and or the manufacturer have moved on to the next one. So when you see a pre-order, get it while it's haute!