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ClearStar, Inc., is an advocate for applicants and a leading and trusted provider of background check technology, strategic services and decision-making information to employers and background screening companies. ClearStar’s purpose is to help people affirm the truth about themselves and to know the truth about others. When reputations of people and businesses are at stake, a mission to provide the systems, tools, processes and services that help convey the truth about a person to people who have permission to see it is a significant undertaking. But, ClearStar makes it easy!
Order Services - Sorry, we cannot accept a copy of a background check you filed with another company/org.
  • Allow 5 days for your report to return - longer during the holidays.
  • Order the $25 National Criminal Screening and start here: ScreenMeNow
  • When your results are returned to you, email them to us at:
  • Text the Doll Phone at: 404.660-7363 to alert us that you emailed your report /results.
  • Look for the acronym "BGCOF" {Background Check on File} next to your profile name in the dollhouse at Meetup
The services available through ClearStar are the same ones employers and background screening companies direct applicants to when criminal activity is a required part of the 'getting to know you' process.
Thank hue!