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Black Doll Affair "Porcelain Pals" are non-black women in full support of The Black Dolls and The Black Doll Affair's mission to change the way black girls are perceived and, more importantly, perceive themselves. During doll tests, the white doll was silent as black children chose her as the good doll and the pretty doll. Within The Black Doll Affair, the white doll is not silent. In fact, she is here in the trenches to help remind black girls of their intrinsic beauty. Porcelain Pals, are also "Dolls" in our movement. Therefore, when they board the movement they get their T-shirt that reads "doll."
Created by Julie Doll for her dollfriend, Mama Doll, the below video is the perfect example of the friendship between a Black Doll and her Porcelain Pal!