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June 10, 2017

Boston School Teacher, Lovely Hoffman

"I am so grateful to be a Black Woman. I would be so jealous if I were anything else.” - Maya Angelou.

"Mama Doll, I hope you are well. This quote by Maya Angelou resonates so deeply in my spirit because I believe it. I am unapologetically black and proud. This was not always the case. Like many young black girls growing up, I had low self-esteem because I did not see representation of beauty that looked like me in the media. Interestingly, today there are more women of color who are celebrated for their beauty then when I was growing up. But we still have work to do. I am a teacher and many of the girls I teach do not see their Blackness as Beautiful. As an educator, I believe that an essential element of education is building up the confidence and self-esteem of young Black Girls. Serving as Ambassadoll of Education for The Black Doll Affair, I will continue to educate our girls and help them recognize that they are beautiful. I will continue to compose art and music that empower our sisters and help them achieve their aspirations."
Lovely Hoffman, Black Doll

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I am happy to announce that I've appointed Lovely Hoffman to the role of Ambassadoll of Education for The Black Doll Affair. In this role, we will work with Lovely, BDA publicist Karen Grey and Ambassadoll Cheryl Brown Henderson: Brown vs. Board of Education, to take The Black Doll Affair self-esteem message into schools!

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In the event you've been living under a social media rock, Lovely is the teacher out of Boston, MA. who after overhearing her teenage students complain about their appearance, recorded her original song, "My Black is Beautiful". The song and Lovely's dolling effort to reaffirm and raise the girls' self-esteem went viral.

When I read Lovely's story, I immediately used my marketing and PR skills and got her on the horn! After telling our dolling story, I asked Lovely if she would board The Black Doll Affair to help with a nationwide effort online and in schools to remind our girls that our black is beautiful. Also, I asked if her her song could become the official song of The Black Doll Affair. She said yes! Please find below, Lovely's note to you!

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Watch the original "My Black is Beautiful" on Lovely's web page: here.

Reach out to Lovely on Social Media and welcome her to the family:

On Twitter: here

On Instagram: here

On Facebook Page: here



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