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Ambassadoll Karen Grey (left) with the Founder of The Black Doll Affair

Ambassadolls are our leaders chosen by the Founder to lead the way for BDA and represent the movement in their cities. The most passionate women on the Black Doll Affair playground, Ambassadolls rock with commitment and outstanding skills in leadership!

If you're ready to: become an Ambassadoll there are two easy step to prepare.

1. Decide
here which type of member you will become. Then join.
2. Get a criminal history background check here to become and Ambassadoll
3. When the results of your background check have been returned to you and you've passed with a good grade, call us and let us know that you've taken these steps and you're ready for an interview with Mama Doll!

What happens if you take these steps and your interview with Mama Doll doesn't go well? Well, that is the bad news. The good news is that you're now a Black Doll with a background check on file, which means you can participate in just about every Black Doll Affair in your area and beyond! Why do it this way, instead of the interview first? Because, as we said, Ambassadolls are the most passionate Dolls on the playground. This strategy of handle your business first, certainly proves ones passion for The Black Doll Affair, as opposed to ones passion for a title within The Black Doll Affair.

Please note:
~ Ambassadolls can be both men and women.
~Call for more information: 404.590-(doll)