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Lovely Hoffman becomes an Ambassadoll

South Florida Ambassadoll Karen Grey (left) with Mama Doll, Founder of The Black Doll Affair

With a slogan of "Pretty...Good Samaritans," Ambassadolls are our leading guys & dolls. Their collective task is to move the empowering message of The Black Doll Affair and represent our mission in their neighborhoods, online and around the world. Expressing an interest, interviewing with the Founder, then passing a criminal background check, these are everyday philanthropists that sign up to change the world for black women and girls and reverse "doll tests" results. To represent in Hollywood and under the spotlight, Mama Doll calls on, then appoints a high profile/celebrity to Ambassadoll to representation.

Volunteers within our movement, individual Ambassadolls take on a variety of tasks based on their availability. Some Ambassadolls host Black Doll Affair self-esteem summits. Christmas Ambassadolls host annual Doll Giveaway parties.

Celebrity Ambassadolls like Honorary Black Doll Brotha Taye Diggs, make appearances at Black Doll Affairs or partner with us in their self-esteem projects.

Local celebrities like recording Artist B. Angie B. host fundraisers in their fabulous homes.

Mama Doll & B. Angie. B at Angie's home for Mama's Bday Brunch Fundraiser

News anchors like Damali Keith (Houston, TX.) and Sharon Reed (Atlanta, GA) take to the airwaves to ensure our our stories are told and The Black Doll Affair remain under the spotlight.

Danny Strong; Co-creator of Fox's Empire and writer of the movie "The Butler", sends love via video and social tweets like this one...

Black Doll Brotha Taye Diggs lets the world in on a secret...His sister is a Doll!

If you're ready to become an Ambassadoll in your area, there are two easy steps:

1. Go to our Store here and get your Black Doll T-shirt & toy black doll combo kit One or Two. This is called, "Be a Doll, give a doll."

2. Text the Doll Phone letting us know that you've become a Doll and you're ready for your interview to become an Ambassadoll.