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No, you don't have to have a criminal background check on file to board our movement.
Below, read more about when you'll need one and why you should get one ...

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Some people join The Black Doll Affair only to participate in online Affairs. Others join just to volunteer or socialize with adults in adult settings - i.e., Doll's night out and similar playdates.
If you're going to be active, and you have nothing to hide, file for it now. It's only $25 bucks and it will last you a lifetime. As a general rule of thumb, it's not if you'll need one, but when you'll need one. However, there are certain and specified Affairs that require Dolls and Brothers have a criminal background check on file in the dollhouse. Typically, Affairs requiring background checks are those involving minors and those in private domains - such as the Founder's home, a cabin retreat or volunteering at an organization like Girls Inc. Of course, when it is required we'll let you know and give you plenty of time to get yours on file . Getting a background check on file is a one time ceremony. Once you have one on file it's valid for the lifetime of your membership. If you leave The Black Doll Affair by removing your profile, should you return return , you maybe required to file again. If dollhouse headquarters determines for whatever reason, that it is necessary to revisit this filing, you may be subjected to file again. Sorry, we're unable to accept copies of a background check. This process must be an organic process with The Black Doll Affair background check company.

Allow 1-5 Business days for your report to return – longer during high peak days and holidays. Order the ClearStar Criminal Background Check Screening. When ClearStar emails your results email a copy of your background check to legal@blackdollaffair. com Text or Call 404.590.3655 to alert Headquarters that you emailed your full report results to Legal. To verify that your background check is on file with us, look to see if the acronym BGCOF (Background Check on File) is by your name. Please contact CLEARSTAR with any questions or if you need assistance at 877-275-7099 or - NOTE: You can go through another agency to get a background check. That agency MUST send your electronic screening to The Black Doll Affair. We do not accept paper background checks.