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We allow current members to purchase a new member's T-shirt to become a Doll. But, in order for the new member to receive credit, the receipt must have the current member listed in the "BILL TO" section and the new member in the "Ship To Section" of the receipt.

Below are the three types of Memberships offered:

Become a Black Doll! #beadollgiveadoll

Within The Black Doll Affair there are NO membership fees. J
ust pickup a Doll Tee to become a living Doll! The stars of our show, The Black Dolls are adult black women willing to allow their likenesses and life stories to be used as examples of becoming living Dolls! With their human imperfections and life mistakes in tow, they are b'huetiful living Dolls (not role models - they don't want or need the pressure of perfection) ready to be loving and willing to grow! Always checking on the Doll in the mirror, she's "pretty...philanthropic" and kind to the Doll next door! Love is the Answer. The reason for the black heart in our logo is The Black Doll Affair's intention to restore love for the doll in the mirror. Our social club's challenge is to find ways to do this through online and offline self-esteem summits, service, sisterhood and social play. When we achieve our mission, meet our goal, live up to our intention and conquer the challenges that greet us in our "pretty...philanthropic" efforts in love, we will be rewarded with a b'huetiful legacy for black girls around the world and the communities in which we live, work and play! There's NO drama here, just love, sisterhood and fun! #blackdollshavemorefun!

From volunteering to playing hard, this is life as a Black Doll! Become a Black Doll. Pickup your T-shirt

Become a Porcelain Doll (also known as Porcelain Pal!)

Porcelain Dolls Julie Modica and Julie Hopkins are here to support their Black Doll sisters
and remind black girls of their bhuety!

Supporting cast members that are not black, BDA Porcelain Dolls play a significant role within our social club. They give voice to the white doll that remained silent as black children chose the white doll as bad and ugly during doll test experiments! Unlike the Black Dolls, our Porcelain Dolls can give Barbie a voice. When a Porcelain Doll speaks at a Black Doll Affair she says self-esteem affirming things like: "Now why would you want to be anything other than who you were born? You're so unique, there's not another like you. Your hair, your nose, your full lips, well they fuel a billion dollar beauty industry wanting exactly what you were born with naturally!" That's powerful, right? Right! More, our Porcelain Dolls come on board to help remind the community that the Black Doll Affair is about self-empowerment NOT black power! It takes a village to raise a child that goes into this diverse world whole and complete. That is why, Black Dolls LOVE playing with their Porcelain Pals! Become a Porcelain Doll.
Pickup any T-shirt in store that reads "doll" today!

Become Black Doll Brother

Black Doll Brothas Illustrator Shane Evans and Actor Taye Diggs
are in full support of The Black Doll Affair

BDA Brothers perform a role within our family that the Black Dolls and their Porcelain Pals can't - they assume the role of the male father figure missing too often from the black family household. In a ideal family, little girls learn from the men that they are living Dolls worthy of being treated respectfully and honorably. When a Black Doll Brother speaks to a little girl at a Black Doll Affair he might say something like "Only associate with boys that are kind and nice to you and treat you like a doll. If they can't, don't bother wasting your time in their presence. You're a Doll and dolls play only with those that play well with them! To become a Black Doll Brother just go to the
store and pickup a Black Doll Brother awareness wristband that reads: "Black Doll Brotha."