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"With beautiful women like J-Lo & Kim K. getting the credit for your God-given big booty and the ever-stunning Angelina Jolie for your naturally big lips, some advertising campaigns prefer to put out a message that the naturally beautiful features of black women aren't fueling a multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Yet prototypes of our genetic body parts are being sold in record numbers! From the Brazilian butt lift to the island tan, the bee stung lip to injections at the cheek and hip, don’t believe the hype! Doll, since you're not getting credit where credit is due, remember that your features are valued and valuable! Like any designer knockoff, black beauty has often upstaged fashion’s status quo, created trends that ignite unexpected brands and inspiring iconic phrases, such as "The Black Doll Affair" and "The Black Dolls!" - Dana "Mama Doll" Hill. Join the Black Doll Affair. Become a Black Doll at: The Black Doll Affair, reminding black girls of their beauty since 2007.

Dana Mama Doll Hill, Founder of The Black Doll Affair