Hue did that kind act? The Black Dolls!
Who's changing the world, especially for black women and girls? The Black Dolls!
A Black Doll is a philanthropist. She's a living doll that performs acts of kindness,
to change the way black girls are perceived and perceive themselves. We do not charge a membership fee. To become a Black Doll, just pickup a Black Doll Tee. "Be a Doll, give a doll! "Shop for your Tee(shirt) by clicking HERE.

Because of the below doll test video, Dana " Mama Doll " Hill started The Black Doll Affair self-esteem movement in 2007.

Rarely, do we sell dolls on this site. Selling dolls is not what we do.
Our mission is to change the way black girls are perceived, more importantly, perceive themselves.
As living Dolls and Brothas, that's what we call our supporters, here's how we accomplish our mission:

For little girls, we donate dolls in hopes of reminding them, that the doll that shares their skin color is bhuetiful, intrinsically.
For adult women, we act dolling in our communities, play well with each other and p
erform random acts of philanthropic kindness.
Caveat, our goal is to act dolling, not perfect. We're human. So please, don't try to turn us into your role models.
On our social networking sites, we s
howcase/reshare photos of the most bhuetiful dolls, those real and faux.
Usually, those dolls are NOT for sale, as they're more art valued at hundreds of dollars, than an affordable play-line doll like Barbie.

There is NO membership fee, just pickup a Black Doll Tee!
join the movement and become a Doll, CLICK HERE FOR OUR STORE

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