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 Combination Orders: In instances where Dolls order an in stock item and a pre order item in one order, unless an additional shipping fee is added to the order, the item in stock will be shipped in the time frame reflect on the available in stock item. When the Pre Order item arrives, we will send an email billing for additional shipping fees. After a Shipping Request for Payment is sent from The Black Doll Affair, if not paid within 2 days of the request, the purchased gear will be restocked, merchandise will be subject to availability, and a Store Credit will be placed on file and or an equivalent item will be sent - less the amount of a 10% [of original purchase amount] Restocking Service Fee. Restocking Store Credits are valid for 60 Days from the shipping request notice. After that date, if the store credit is not redeemed, one forfeits all rights to the purchased merchandise, merchandise credits and or refunds.

INSURANCE Shipping. We provide Delivery Confirmations on all our shipments. But, we understand that you may want more insurance. If so, you'll want to choose US Priority Mail with Signature Delivery.

Expedited Shipping: Please check the shipping availability notes on the gear that you purchase from us. We understand that you may want your gear sent express delivery such as over-night. That service may or may not be an option for you. Therefore, on each item that you purchased, you'll want to note the availability time frame for shipping. You'll also want to note that The Black Doll Affair normal Shipping Hours: Mon-Friday 8am-5pm.
If you would like expedited services, you must place an order by 3pm.