In "doll tests" children identified the black doll as bad and ugly. As a diverse display of black pride & beauty, join women around the world in becoming "The Black Doll " by wearing a Black Doll T-shirt (Be a Doll), acting dolling (Pretty...Philanthropic) by performing on and off-line acts of philanthropic kindness, buying and donating black dolls (Give a Doll) to remind them of their intrinsic bhuety.  The Black Doll toy store is here. The Black Doll Gear Shop is here.

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Actress Gabrielle Union Becomes a Black Doll!

Witnessing black women, the baton passers of our legacies, succumb to the epidemic of obesity due to poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, Mama Doll sent an invitation to Gabrielle Union requesting her help in elevating The Black Dolls from unhealthy statistics. "I want my Black Dolls to know that words like 'thick' and 'curvy' are gotcha-marketing campaigns and slippery slopes to obesity. Physical and mental health care is the way to#BecomeTheBlackDoll. To lift black women & girls to the physically healthy, mentally wealthy, aesthetically bhuetiful and dolling life they deserve, I thank Gabrielle for reaching back and allowing us to use her likeness and her lifestyle as motivation to live a holistic, black & bhuetiful life - mind, body, soul and spirit." 

L❤️VE, Mama Doll, Founder of The Black Doll Affair

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